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Very interesting.

In my experience the debate about climate damage is quite ideologically loaded so I am a priori very skeptical of using a single study for these kind of estimates, they always come with a host of assumptions that are ultimately fairly arbitrary.

In addition when you have a causal chain of at least three steps (climate sensitivity > impact of warming > human response) each with significant uncertainty that affects the next step it seems easy to get the estimate wrong by much more than one order of magnitude so the strategy of saying 'even if we take a tenth of the estimate' to save us from overestimation does not seem sufficient to me.

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Thanks, Luke!

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Wouldn't you need to look at the price elasticity of egg consumption rather than absolute trends to conclude whether / to which degree the reduced demand by some is moderated by replacement effects?

It also seems that, at least in the medium term, lower prices cannot necessarily support the same scale of egg production so the market would, hopefully, shrink, no?

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Thanks, Holden, for the AMA and everyone for their questions!

When looking at the application form initially, there was a mentioning of an applied task as part of the application -- as far as I can tell this has now been removed.

Could someone confirm this change? Does that mean that the application now only consists of the Google Form plus resume in the first stage?

Thanks in advance!