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Comment by JaimeRV on Much EA value comes from being a Schelling point · 2022-09-10T14:20:58.141Z · EA · GW

Very good post! I agree with most of the points and the framing helps to see where there is room for improvement
Regarding this sentence: "In practice, it seems that many physical hubs but one virtual/intellectual hub may be best."
Do you have any particular thoughts on how to optimize  a virtual hub or Schelling point?
For example, EAGx Virtual will take place in October and there might be some things that could make it a better Schelling point.

Comment by JaimeRV on Announcing the Longtermism Fellowship of EA Munich - Apply! · 2022-08-21T19:20:40.056Z · EA · GW

You are right that we could have phrased it better. However, it is not about convincing people of specific conclusions but about engaging in a deeper way with the topic. Every week there will be open discussions and the last week deals explicitly with Criticisms of longtermism

Comment by JaimeRV on Data Science for Effective Good + Call for Projects + Call for Volunteers · 2022-08-10T12:02:29.950Z · EA · GW

I think most of these orgs know each other. CorrelAid for example was founded by someone who knew Datakind it collaborates with DataCross

Comment by JaimeRV on Data Science for Effective Good + Call for Projects + Call for Volunteers · 2022-08-10T08:07:37.010Z · EA · GW

I imagine most orgs have a long tail of data science projects which aren't important enough to go through the hassle of hiring a consultant, but that would still add some value. Meanwhile, students are in constant search of important real world problems to work on for their research or clubs (I was in Cornell Data Science) but generally don't have a good idea of what would actually be useful. Having a place where orgs can just write down such problems and students/academics can find them seems like it would potentially unlock a lot of value.

I definitely agree. Optimally SEADS will provide this list of impactful projects.

Based on feedback of pitching a similar idea at EAG, most of the value isn't actually in the object level work, but in identifying  altruistic technical talent and getting them more engaged in high impact cause areas (and eventually into the hiring pipeline). Having lots of undergrads and PhD students working on EA style data problems seems like a good way of doing this.

Hiring for EA is also on our list of "Possible directions for the future". Working hand-in-hand with talented and motivated volunteers seems like a good way to gauge someone's suitability for a long-term position.

Comment by JaimeRV on Data Science for Effective Good + Call for Projects + Call for Volunteers · 2022-08-10T07:59:29.149Z · EA · GW

"Introduction SEADS" is at the top of the post :) but you are right and with some restructuring it would have been clearer.

Comment by JaimeRV on Data Science for Effective Good + Call for Projects + Call for Volunteers · 2022-08-10T07:58:05.174Z · EA · GW

At the moment the main difference is that we are focused on EA projects exclusively, either coming from EA Orgs or related to infrastructure. 

A couple more differences: 
- The model of this organizations is rather fixed with a very strong focus on being the middle man between projects and volunteers. We would like to experiment with new approaches as mentioned under "Possible directions for the future"
- Some of these organizations tend to have also a big focus on learning, meaning including participants in their teams that are not very experienced and also taking projects that are not very impactful but fit very well the skills of some of their volunteers. Atm we aim to have a much stronger focus on impact and less on teaching people how to do data science. 

Comment by JaimeRV on Co-Creation of the Library of Effective Altruism [Information Design] (1/2) · 2022-07-11T10:25:17.621Z · EA · GW

Great article! Here another list from the study-buddy channel in the Virtual Programs Slack workspace. The channel is made to promote self-study of this kind of EA material.

Comment by JaimeRV on Save the date: EAGxVirtual 2022 · 2022-06-27T09:29:51.882Z · EA · GW

Looking forward! I really think this can be as good or better than in person EAG(x)s

Comment by JaimeRV on Six Ways To Get Along With People Who Are Totally Wrong* · 2022-06-15T12:28:04.395Z · EA · GW

From the reasons to avoid engaging in interpersonal conflict " i) isn't going to change anyone's actions much; ii) isn't going to make the world a much better place, even if it does change their actions; or iii) is very hard to persuade others about".

I think even if all of these apply it might be worth it to engage in interpersonal conflict if you can learn from it. Discussing with someone and then reflecting on the discussion and how you discussed can help you improve how you handle these conflicts. If the cost of interpersonal tension is not too high it is a price worth paying for your improvement.

Comment by JaimeRV on There are currently more than 100 open EA-aligned tech jobs · 2022-04-27T09:03:11.214Z · EA · GW

Thanks for the info!

Comment by JaimeRV on There are currently more than 100 open EA-aligned tech jobs · 2022-04-27T08:17:23.231Z · EA · GW

Great post! The "list of EA-aligned organizations"  seems very useful. Do you know if it is linked to some more official EA source like the CEA website or 80k website? and do you know how up to date it is?
Initially it seems like core EA information that is hanging in a random Notion page but I am probably wrong

Comment by JaimeRV on How To Become A Professional Software Developer · 2022-04-10T12:06:03.087Z · EA · GW

Sure, I sent you an email

Comment by JaimeRV on How To Become A Professional Software Developer · 2022-04-06T09:10:26.170Z · EA · GW

Thanks for the detailed answers. I would be interested in hearing more about "how to get good mentorship given a specific job" in case you can redirect me to a particular article or similar.

Comment by JaimeRV on How To Become A Professional Software Developer · 2022-03-29T12:19:40.129Z · EA · GW

Nice post! about the mentorship I wonder how much differs the theory from the practice. In my experience even if the employer mentions mentorship on the interview it might well be that there is close to nothing in the real job. 

I would be interested in hearing how it was for other developers. If they got much mentorship and how they went about finding companies which offer it.

Comment by JaimeRV on What are effective ways to help Ukrainians right now? · 2022-03-02T13:48:45.032Z · EA · GW

an article from vox with their suggestions on effective ways to help:

Comment by JaimeRV on LetsDoThis's Shortform · 2022-01-15T14:09:10.018Z · EA · GW

I do not know of other examples but I would be interested in knowing the data use/needs of EA organizations

Comment by JaimeRV on EA Online Learning Buddy Platform · 2021-12-07T08:31:44.061Z · EA · GW

Thanks for the comment Alex. As far as I see the MoocLab Group would be not topic specific unless the topic is general EA. So there would be a mix of people who might be interested for example in Animal Welfare but not AI or the other way around, so it would not be easy to find a buddy. I do not have much experience with these MoocLab Groups though so if it is possible to set different topic-pages inside a group let me know because then I think it would be interesting.

Regarding the MVP probably it will be Facebook Pages/Groups (one for each EA Topic) but I will update when it is done or maybe announce it in a different post. In the future there is still the possibility to move everything a new independent platform if needed

Comment by JaimeRV on EA Online Learning Buddy Platform · 2021-11-29T08:18:18.758Z · EA · GW

Even if they use slack/discord very little: They use a new [a new platform that doesn't exist yet and nobody ever used and everyone knows that nobody used] even less. No?

The platform, as MOOCLAB, is thought to be for the first contact to find the buddy, after that you share your email/fb/... with your buddy and coordinate however you want. In the new platform you would automatically get email notifications when someone replies to your message or sends you a message so the interaction with the platform itself is minimal. I know in slack you can also specify different settings in different groups, .... but less intuitively and there are so many EA (and non-EA) slack groups that many people feel overwhelmed and stop reading messages at all. 

I agree, and again, this is an advantage that a new platform will never have. (right?)

If there would be an efficient way/channel to promote (new) EA Platforms to all EAs I would say "never say never", but at the moment there is not

Do you mean "Facebook Group" (where you wrote "page")? If not - then I didn't understand, could you explain in other words?

I am not into Facebook and do not know the difference between "Facebook Group" and "Facebook Page" but whatever works better for this ends. 

P.S: I sent you an email cause I rarely read this

Comment by JaimeRV on EA Online Learning Buddy Platform · 2021-11-27T09:34:33.101Z · EA · GW
  • Facebook: not optimal but as MVP might do
  • Slack/Discord: it has nothing to do with the features but with how little people use (or are comfortable using) slack/discord outside their  already existing EA Groups/Projects. In Facebook people are more active in general but if you have data to prove my wrong happy to be wrong :)
  • what I imagine as MVP as mentioned in the post is a simpler MOOCLAB:


I think also the critical mass of people is important. The post has not reached many people so probably Facebook is the best alternative to make it easier for the people to find and start gaining members fast in the corresponding pages, even if the pages idea seems far from optimal. 

Comment by JaimeRV on We need alternatives to Intro EA Fellowships · 2021-11-19T12:21:25.426Z · EA · GW

An alternative, to some of the mentioned points, could be this although it is originally thought for In-Depth Virtual Program

Comment by JaimeRV on EA Online Learning Buddy Platform · 2021-11-19T12:05:41.746Z · EA · GW

Invitation sent in Linkedin ;) 

Comment by JaimeRV on EA Online Learning Buddy Platform · 2021-11-19T12:03:53.216Z · EA · GW

It could be an option. However, here some points to the existing platforms:

  • Facebook: as far as I know you cannot have in a group different pages for different topics. Scalability would also be a problem  in the future for example to add new features
  • Slack: in the 10+ EA slack groups I am in, most of them people go to introduce themselves and never come back
  • Discord: similar to slack

a small MVP would be I think fairly easy to implement. But if the platform development seems to be a constraint sure an existing platform shall be considered

Comment by JaimeRV on FTX EA Fellowships · 2021-11-14T18:17:36.270Z · EA · GW

Cool idea! I think my original question was more oriented to "saving EA money", either because the employees decide to do it voluntarily, or because the EA organisation decides to "open a branch" in a low cost country where the employees are paid less but can maintain a similar standard of living (with more sunshine) while keeping the quality and quantity of their work. 

Comment by JaimeRV on FTX EA Fellowships · 2021-11-10T10:25:03.643Z · EA · GW

Has anyone considered this in general for remote EA work? (not only Earning to give)

There are several EA Jobs (researching at Rethink Priorities, tech stuff....) that could be done remotely. So one option might be paying a salary and living expenses to these employees in a low cost country and have their own community. If they want they could even live together with like minded EAs

Comment by JaimeRV on Questions on "humane" farms · 2021-08-12T07:48:23.784Z · EA · GW

Thanks for the reply. Yeah reading the book I got the impression that the example the author uses could be an isolated one and it was not everywhere like that. However, I also did not find easy to find statistics on the problem in internet. But your response seems more accurate than what it is presented in the book

Comment by JaimeRV on Questions on "humane" farms · 2021-08-03T14:02:10.353Z · EA · GW

Hi alene, 

thanks for your reply. My question was not really (a) nor (b) but I think they are related. 

Here again my questions:

  1. In "humane" farms the animals have, in their whole lives, negative net well being?  are their QALYs in life negative so that it is for them better not to be born? 
  2. My question here is if anybody has reliable numbers for the greenhouse gases from "humane" farms. It would be interesting to know how much worse they are and how hard it would be to offset these emissions
  3. I would like to know if it is a general thing in "humane" farms that animals are more often sick and have many other problems (that they did not have in standard animal farms)? or the example in the book was an isolated case? Any source would be welcome


because of your answer "(b) it would be better for animals if there were no more factory farms at all." I guess you would answer to (1) saying that it is better if they are not born at all right?