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Uncommon career advice

These are some of my lose, unstructured and possibly less common advice related to careers.

• When applying for jobs looking at resources for hiring managers can be much more helpful than resources for applicants.

• Apply too often rather than not often enough. I at times hear people chose not to apply for something because they assume it is unlikely that they will be accepted and their time would be better used upskilling in their field. I think that people should apply more often in these situations to get more experience with the application process. Applications are a skill on its own, you are likely to get a better marginal benefit from practicing apply in a real situation than from a few more hours on your field. (Rejections suck and rejection sensitive dysphoria is real.) You can practice applying without actually applying.

• Draft applications super early. Even as a first year undergraduate ( earlier is even better) look at jobs you could be interested in years from now and draft an application for them. This makes it very clear what things you are missing and can try to fill over the next few years. Even if you don't end up applying for that job years later you are likely to have a lot more of the common signals required for job applications.

• You are almost always rejected because if "failure to demonstrate" required attributes. A cynical view of this is that someone could demonstrate abilities they don't have (can be so hard to fake that faking is a good signal anyway). The important thing though is that someone with the abilities the job requires can be rejected because they failed to demonstrate them.

Comment by JJ Hepburn on How many hits do the hits of different EA sites get each year? · 2021-03-05T13:38:18.930Z · EA · GW

I'd expect Lesswrong and EA Forum to be quite high. 
But it depends what metric you are thinking of. Forums have a lot of active content compared to the other sites that are not updated as often. Forums probably have lower Unique User numbers and higher Page Views compared to these other sites

Comment by JJ Hepburn on How many hits do the hits of different EA sites get each year? · 2021-03-05T13:30:02.339Z · EA · GW

AI Safety Support only started mid last year so hard to get a clear picture

  • In Q3 2020
    • 399 Sessions
    • 863 Page views
  • Q4
    • 1006 Sessions
    • 1764 Page views

So 1405 Sessions and 2627 Page view second half of 2020.

Comment by JJ Hepburn on Ecosystems vs Projects in EA Movement Building · 2021-02-09T01:54:36.785Z · EA · GW

This sounds just like what we are doing at AI Safety Support

Comment by JJ Hepburn on Consider paying me (or another entrepreneur) to create services for effective altruism · 2020-11-11T06:57:44.805Z · EA · GW

Thank you Remmelt for all of the work you have done. Personally I've got a lot of value out of participating in and helping organise the AI Safety Camp and getting to work with you.

I have been donating to Remmelts Patreon for over 2 years. This has been a relatively small cost to me and I feel like I have benefited more than I have contributed.

Comment by JJ Hepburn on Consider paying me (or another entrepreneur) to create services for effective altruism · 2020-11-11T06:49:48.351Z · EA · GW

It seems like you are making contributions to lots of different projects. None of them large enough for you to get a sustainable income.

This is similar to a problem I see in academia a times. People may want to contribute to research, but refuse if they are not able to contribute enough to have their name on the paper (the currency of academia). There are of course people who provide a small amount of help on projects and are mentioned in the acknowledgments. It's like you have ended up only in the acknowledgements.

I find these situations quite frustrating. It usually makes me think of this quote from someone who probably won't mind if I don't credit them.

“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.”