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As further reading I recently came across Research as a Stochastic Decision Process, which discusses another systematic approach to research.

Summary copy pasted from the article:


Many of our default intuitions about how to pursue uncertain ideas are counterproductive:

  • We often try easier tasks first, when instead we should try the most informative tasks first.
  • We often conflate a high-level approach with a low-level instantiation of the approach.
  • We are often too slow to try to disprove our own ideas.

Building frameworks that reify the research process as a concrete search problem can help unearth these incorrect intuitions and replace them with systematic reasoning.

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Strong upvoting because I want to incentivize people to write and share more summaries.

Summaries are awesome and allow me to understand the high level of papers that I would not have read otherwise. This summary in particular is well written and well-formatted.

Thanks for writing it and sharing it!

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Totally second the motion of empowering junior researchers to ask for research ideas here and somewhere else.

Also, I'd encourage you to write down your own research agenda in the form of a blogpost listing some open questions in this forum!

It will be useful for other researchers and you will get interesting feedback on your ideas :)