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Thanks for organizing this. There is a lot of great content here that I've found interesting and useful.

Do we have any recommendations for financial advisers for earning to give?

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I don't have much to add here, but this is a great question and one I'd be interested in more thoughts on. "Children Just Like Me" looks like a good book. My daughter also likes a book called "Be Kind" that was given to us -- it is about kindness generally and not effective altruism specifically, but helpful. It would be great to collect a list of resources on this topic somewhere sometime.

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This is great!

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Jeff, thanks for sharing these articles and your thoughts on this.

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Thanks for the thorough explanation and recommendations. What if someone is looking for financial advice unrelated to asset allocation (e.g., regarding how much they can donate and when, given their retirement savings and college savings)? Or, advice regarding insurance products or real estate decisions? Would you recommend a fee-only financial planner in that instance?