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What is the timezone for the Long-Term Future Fund and EA Infrastructure Fund application deadlines on October 2nd?

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Who are you?

Roland Pihlakas, from Estonia. I studied psychology, worked on modelling of natural intelligence, and then on AI safety. Have always cared about environmental issues. I work as a software developer, mainly having built AI and ML software. I tend to have many ideas and like interdisciplinary research. My AI safety related blog can be found here:

What are some things people can talk to you about? (e.g. your areas of experience/expertise)


  • Legal responsibility assignment in AI based systems.
  • Autonomous weapons systems.
  • Whitelisting, reversibility.
  • Human augmentation.
  • Pending workforce disruptions due to increasing automation.
  • Tax changes needed due to increasing automation, a better alternative to "the robot tax".
  • Fundamental limits to AI safety, self-deception, embedded agency.
  • How to formalise multiple AI goals, an alternative to utility maximisation.
  • Corrigibility, interruptibility, low impact AI.
  • How to promote and educate people about AI safety topics.
  • How to reduce the speed of technological innovation.
  • Organisations as AGI.


  • Social attitude changes that might be attractive to people and helpful for climate.
  • How to educate people about climate issues and solutions.


  • Rationality.
  • Various methodologies for improved communication.
  • Learning new helpful habits, improving memory for existing habits.

What are things you'd like to talk to other people about? (e.g. things you want to learn)

  • All above mentioned topics.
  • How to have a career in AI safety.
  • How to have a career in climate.
  • How to have a career in other EA topics.

How can people get in touch with you?

  • Facebook: using my name.
  • Skype username: "roland" (full name "Roland Pihlakas").
  • Email: (but I might be slow to respond or notice, above mentioned methods are better).
  • I am also able to use Zoom and Slack, if you prefer so.
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Testing EA timezone by comment timestamp. Current UTC time = 20:05.

Result: looks like EA is using UTC time since comment timestamp is same as UTC time.