Comment by LuciaP on Request: feedback on my EAIF application · 2022-06-08T05:41:06.279Z · EA · GW

Hi Vaidehi! 

Great points! I very much agree with most of your feedback, it's a lean, startuppy approach, so I'm not going to re-write, just say thanks that you wrote it! I would just like to share my view on the donations part. (for context, I am Romanian, living in Berlin).

I fully agree that it's perhaps too early to start the legal entity and it seems a lot better to fund EA Romania from a separate source of income. 

That being said, what I do see as an opportunity is to set up an NGO to offer people a super-easy way to donate to effective organizations, since: 

  • Romania is a high-income country since a few years ago, 10th by GDP in Europe
  • It's almost a no-brainer for people to donate, because the money goes from their taxes to NGOs instead of the government (they get the same after-tax income)
  • Marketing this (with separate funding, again, for trust & transparency) would not only push funds into effective orgs, but would have the effect of making EA more known in the country.

To me this is somewhat of a parallel topic to the community-building though, so I would suggest to keep them separate.