Pre-EAGx meetup (please RSVP) 2022-09-01T16:42:08.880Z
Alternative protein & EU policy with Alex Holst (Good Food Institute) - RSVP required! 2022-06-18T12:08:32.647Z
Monthly EA Berlin Meetup 2022-06-03T18:21:28.016Z
EA Berlin Meetup (please RSVP) 2022-05-23T16:39:28.276Z
D,A,CH Meetup (for EAGxPrague attendees only) 2022-05-07T10:57:31.330Z
EAGxBERLIN 2022-05-06T11:26:12.053Z
"Drain Putin's brains" (help skilled Russians emigrate) as effective intervention to end the war sooner? 2022-04-13T12:03:19.179Z
What are effective ways to help Ukrainians right now? 2022-02-24T22:20:26.630Z


Comment by Manuel_Allgaier on Open EA Global · 2022-09-02T12:10:16.060Z · EA · GW

Hm, from an organiser perspective (I'm organising EAGxBerlin), even just trying this once seems costly. 

- Organising a conference with 10,000 people takes a huge amount of work and funding. Would you trade in five 1000p conferences to have one 10,000p conference? 
- If this event fails, up to 10,000 people will have had a bad experience and even if just 10% of the people get upset that's 1000 people upset with EA. 

(there are obviously a lot more costs and more benefits which I currently lack time to write up, I just wanted to point out that it may be more costly than you'd think to try out such a large conference)

Comment by Manuel_Allgaier on How EA is perceived is crucial to its future trajectory · 2022-07-25T00:58:16.619Z · EA · GW

Agree, thanks a lot!

Right now, anyone can say anything about EA, and while most people are very thoughtful in their communication and some give really thoughtful constructive criticism, a few people just seem to spread verifiably false claims like "EA does not care about global poverty anymore" (while most of the funding in EA still goes to global poverty), "EA is only white privileged men" (agree that EA could be more diverse, but it's definitely not only white men) etc. I guess any community that spends 100s of millions dollars per year and influences thousands of people will get at least some unfair criticism, so it does not seem unusual, but as you said it could be really harmful.

What we should do about it?

Ignore it? Try to correct all false claims online? Or can we somehow stop people from spreading lies about EA in the first place? Can we trademark EA and then stop people from using the brand if they repeatedly lie about EA and seem not interested in the truth? That's what most other "brands" do, but we don't seem to do that, and I feel like that makes EA an easy target for people who somehow got upset with EA and now want to defame it.

Does CEA have any thoughts about this?

Comment by Manuel_Allgaier on Germans' Opinions on Translations of "longtermism": Survey Results · 2022-07-06T14:59:00.265Z · EA · GW

Thanks for writing this up!

A friend of me came up with "Zukunftssicherung" which might also work well, though not sure if it's better than Zukunftsschutz. 

Comment by Manuel_Allgaier on Save the date: EAGxVirtual 2022 · 2022-07-04T16:14:32.911Z · EA · GW

*US, UK or any other country with an EAGx conferences. Just in case anyone reading this missed the news, there are now EAG(x) conferences planned on five different continents! :) 


Comment by Manuel_Allgaier on Nonprofit Boards are Weird · 2022-06-29T13:18:48.971Z · EA · GW

What about democratically elected non-profit boards?

Most national EA organisations with paid staff (like EA France, EA Norway or EA Germany just to mention a few) are registered associations that have their board (re-)elected by its members every 1-2 years. That way board members can be fired by the association members they represent.

I don't think this is perfect, the average member often does not have enough info to judge the performance of a board member and elections have their own downsides (like sometimes favoring popular and charismatic candidates over the best candidates for the job), but at least for national EA orgs it does seem like the best option to me (medium confidence).

This seems a lot more common in mainland Europe than in the UK or the US. Is this something we should explore more for other nonprofits as well? What other non-profits have clearly defined members (e.g. beneficiaries, stakeholders, ...) that could elect a board?

Comment by Manuel_Allgaier on Alternative protein & EU policy with Alex Holst (Good Food Institute) - RSVP required! · 2022-06-23T18:25:32.250Z · EA · GW

We're in the middle of the park, here:

Dropped pin

Comment by Manuel_Allgaier on Forum user manual · 2022-06-22T17:04:02.589Z · EA · GW

Thanks for writing this up! 

Have you considered also publishing this as video

You could run people through the functionality while at the same time showing what you're doing on your recorded screen, and you could upload it on Youtube and add timestamps to the different sections, so people can find what they need quickly. 

FWIW: As I'm more of a visual person than a reader and most of the forum is text only, my threshold to reading more text is quite a lot higher than my threshold to watch a video with the same content, and for manuals like this one videos seem to be the default choice of e.g. Y Combinator start-ups. Could work well for some of your other content too. 

No worries if that doesn't seem like a good use of your time, though!

Comment by Manuel_Allgaier on You don’t have to respond to every comment · 2022-06-22T16:58:05.234Z · EA · GW

Agree, thanks for writing this up! 

I wonder if gentle nudges or reminders like this could be linked in the comment field default text (the one that says "Write here. Select text for formatting ... "). 

If you feel like there's not enough space to add that and you have to prioritise - I personally would find gentle nudges or reminders like this one more useful than knowing whether or not you support LaTeX. The commenting guidelines also seem like a good place, but they're only shown when writing an original comment and not when writing replies to other comments, so for this specific reminder, they wouldn't work. 

Comment by Manuel_Allgaier on Leaving Google, Joining the Nucleic Acid Observatory · 2022-06-20T08:03:19.312Z · EA · GW

Congrats for taking the step and thanks for writing it up! 

Side note: "I've built up a deep understanding of the web platform and advertising ecosystem, and while this domain knowledge isn't especially altruistically useful"

This sounds potentially very useful for EA initiatives that would benefit from reaching a lot more people, like GWWC, GiveWell or the German platform If you have any thoughts on this, please share (no worries if you don't have time, though!). 

Comment by Manuel_Allgaier on What YouTube channels do you watch? · 2022-06-01T19:20:06.439Z · EA · GW

Luke Freeman asked this same question a while ago on Facebook (EA Hangout group iirc) in a poll, have you seen this? Quite a lot of people responded there.

Comment by Manuel_Allgaier on Off Road: support for EAs struggling at uni · 2022-05-24T10:56:34.484Z · EA · GW

Offer this for graduates and early career (EA) professionals as well? 

This seems potentially quite useful not only for students but also for early career professionals - especially those who don't (yet) have a team nor a good manager or mentor to work with (e.g. people doing independent AI alignment research funded by EA Funds) - as well as graduates who are currently planning their career. Career planning is one of the hardest things to do in general, and probably even more difficult for people with executive dysfunction due to lack of deadlines and accountability, lots of uncertainty and rabbit holes to get lost in, others pushing you in different directions like parents who don't understand what you're doing and keep asking you why you don't want to become a doctor, lawyer or other "decent jobs" in their opinion etc. 

Do you think it makes sense to try out working with that group as well? Maybe even minimal infrastructure such as a well-moderated peer support group for early career professionals with executive dysfunction or ADHD would be helpful, even if you don't do much more than that. 

Comment by Manuel_Allgaier on EA coworking/lounge space on · 2022-05-03T16:23:10.552Z · EA · GW

Have you considered using Spatial Chat? 

I've extensively used both Gather Town and Spatial Chat for online events and coworking during the pandemic, and I found Spatial Chat a bit more user-friendly and intuitive (especially for new people). Both platforms seem to work, though, and there might be good reasons for choosing Gather Town over Spatial Chat. 

Thanks for setting this up, really appreciate! I'll try it out in the coming weeks. 

Comment by Manuel_Allgaier on Free-spending EA might be a big problem for optics and epistemics · 2022-04-23T16:11:47.175Z · EA · GW

Interesting! I work in CB full-time (Director of EA Germany), and my impression is still that it's challenging work, pays less than what I and my peers would earn elsewhere and most of the CB roles still have a lot less status than e.g. being a researcher who gets invited to give talks etc.

Do you think some CBs are motivated by money or status? What makes you think so? I'm genuinely curious (though no worries if you don't feel like elaborating).

Comment by Manuel_Allgaier on I burnt out at EAG. Let's talk about it. · 2022-04-23T13:01:39.684Z · EA · GW

Thanks for sharing, appreciate it! Sounds intense, good that you canceled the retreat and glad to hear that you're fine now.

I wonder why that EA retreat had to start Monday morning after EAG. I wouldn't be surprised if other people who attended both events had similar problems. Most people cannot just keep conferencing non-stop, and a break of one or two days between conferences/retreats seems really important to me, both to recover and to process all the new input.

Comment by Manuel_Allgaier on "Drain Putin's brains" (help skilled Russians emigrate) as effective intervention to end the war sooner? · 2022-04-14T13:24:39.981Z · EA · GW

Thanks for your inside view, Alex, really appreciate it! 
Your points seem reasonable and I no longer think this could help end the war sooner. 

Sorry to hear that you did not even get a visa to come to EAG London, that sucks! :/ 
If there's anything we can help with, let us know! 

Thanks also for linking that forum post! 

Comment by Manuel_Allgaier on Why CEA has stopped using Net Promoter Score · 2022-04-11T12:37:23.610Z · EA · GW

Appreciate this update! 

> NPS [...] violates survey best practices.

Agree. For our EA retreats in Germany, we've also always just used the mean. I'm surprised that NPS is so widely used in industry. 

Comment by Manuel_Allgaier on Prototype of re-imagined social network for EA community · 2022-03-04T12:39:27.102Z · EA · GW

I appreciate all the thought you put into this, but I'm not sure we should build a new social network because: 

1) it's really hard to build something better than Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter etc. that people will actually use

2) if only some people use it, it may lead to resource diversion and may even do more harm than good. (I generally feel like the EA community is currently spread over too many different platforms which leads to unnecessary duplicating efforts, so I would prioritise getting more people to use the same platform over adding additional platforms)

The EA Forum might be the only platform pretty much everyone uses, and the CEA Online Team is currently adding features like the "community" section and the "events" section. I would ask them if they think it's worth adding what you described to the forum. 

Comment by Manuel_Allgaier on What are effective ways to help Ukrainians right now? · 2022-02-24T23:00:16.179Z · EA · GW

Maybe even offer cheap or free housing for Ukrainians in case you (or your parents, friends etc) happen to have empty rooms or an empty house altogether? Lots of rural parts in Germany (especially East Germany)  have empty houses

Comment by Manuel_Allgaier on What are effective ways to help Ukrainians right now? · 2022-02-24T22:48:25.915Z · EA · GW

I agree that this conflict is certainly not neglected right now (I edited my question accordingly) and that it's probably difficult to find effective (neglected) interventions in such cases. Lots of people in EA are already thinking about this, though, so I thought it might be worth spending at least a few minutes brainstorming ideas to see if we missed anything. 

Comment by Manuel_Allgaier on What are effective ways to help Ukrainians right now? · 2022-02-24T22:42:15.956Z · EA · GW

UPDATE: From what I heard many European countries such as Poland and Romania are very open to Ukrainian refugees, so this might not be a bottleneck (comment if you disagree!)


Lobby for taking up Ukrainian refugees in your country? (if you live in a suitable country)

It looks like there are some low hanging fruit: Ukrainians are already allowed to stay in Germany for up to 90 days without visa, but only if they have a biometric passport, which half of Ukrainians don't have (and might not be able to get any time soon because of the war). Germany could temporarily drop that requirement for Ukrainians. Here some more requests of Pro Asyl (largest German pro asylum advocacy organisation). For anyone with influence on policy decisions or on the public debate in general, this might be an effective intervention?


Comment by Manuel_Allgaier on What are effective ways to help Ukrainians right now? · 2022-02-24T22:33:15.448Z · EA · GW

Donate to effective humanitarian aid non-profits in Ukraine? 
Does anyone know what some effective non-profits are, and how funding constrained they are? After quick Google search, I just found these suggestions, but I don't know how effective any of them is. 

Comment by Manuel_Allgaier on What are effective ways to help Ukrainians right now? · 2022-02-24T22:30:26.742Z · EA · GW

Help others (especially misinformed Russians) get a clear picture of what's happening
Russian state TV is framing the invasion as a "liberation of Ukrainians from their nazi government" to justify the war. Ukraine's president Zelenskyy has responded with an address to the Russian people directly in Russian that I personally found quite powerful. Any guesses on how many Russians have already seen this? If you know any Russians personally who might not have seen it already, maybe sharing it with them could help? Any other good news sources (in English or Russian) that more people should see?

Comment by Manuel_Allgaier on EA/Rationalist Safety Nets: Promising, but Arduous · 2022-01-04T14:04:49.996Z · EA · GW

Effective and easy intervention: Help EAs new to your city settle in

Many EAs move to Berlin for jobs, many of them (especially non-Germans but also Germans) don't find good housing right away and some find it difficult to make friends (for example if they only found housing far away from the city center). A single 1-1 conversation / chat with some advice and introductions to people who share their interests can really make a difference, and it's easy to do: Just reach out to new people on your local meetups, in your local EA facebook group etc and offer them help in a friendly, respectful & non-obtrusive way (make sure you don't want to come across weird, creepy etc). Ideally coordinate with your local group organiser on how to best do that (and if you don't have a group, contact CEA and set one up! :))

Comment by Manuel_Allgaier on Historian and bestselling author Rutger Bregman explains why he took the pledge · 2021-12-27T07:02:22.930Z · EA · GW

That's a really great interview, thanks for doing this and writing it up for us!

And cool to hear that Rutger found GWWC, took the pledge and now also considers various other near- and long-term causes in his work! I've seen a few appearances of Rutger and I liked his way of communicating these ideas in a way that makes it seem like common sense to a wide audience.

I would recommend the interview at Trevor Noah & his unaired interview with Tucker Carlsen from Fox news, btw.

Comment by Manuel_Allgaier on The Cost of Rejection · 2021-10-14T19:33:18.694Z · EA · GW


In our current hiring round for EA Germany, I'm offering all 26 applicants "personal feedback on request if time allows", and I think it's probably worth my time at least trying to answer as many feedback requests as I can.

I'd encourage other EA recruiters to do the same, especially for those candidates that already did work tests. If you ask someone to spend 2h on an unpaid work test, it seems fair to make at least 5min time for feedback.

Comment by Manuel_Allgaier on University EA Groups Should Form Regional Groups · 2021-09-05T18:44:30.831Z · EA · GW

Thanks for writing this up! Agree that we should coordinate more on regional level.

City/national groups are often run by adult, professional people, who don't know enough about what it means to run a uni group.

I'm curious, why do you think so?

Many city / national level group organisers started with organising uni groups, and even those who only learned about EA after university have often done some other form of student engagement as well like running other student groups, so I'd guess that the majority of city / national level group organisers do have experience with this. Even those who do not would be happy to learn more about what it's like to run student groups. 

I think there are benefits of having one central national-level group rather than several organisations, and if a specific national group lacks capacity or competence to support uni groups, then I would first try to build up capacity there (e.g. hire someone to do uni group support specifically) rather than founding a new organisation with all the overhead that comes with it. 

Lastly, this system seems to work well in countries with well-established national-level groups like EA Norway.

Comment by Manuel_Allgaier on Announcing the Open Philanthropy Undergraduate Scholarship · 2021-08-29T11:26:12.832Z · EA · GW

Why only US & UK universities?

This looks potentially very helpful to (foreign) students, thanks for setting this up! 

If you have a moment, I would be curious to hear your reasoning on why this is limited to US & UK universities only. I understand that for many students, their best choice is to study in the US or UK, but for many other students other universities might be a better choice, and this limitation would still bias them towards UK & US universities. 

In addition, there might more be cost-effective opportunities elsewhere, given that most other universities are a lot cheaper than those in US & UK. For example, the same grant that funds one student's tuition fee at Brown university ($76000/year) could fund up to four students to live and study at ETH Zurich (#8 in the QS world university ranking, expensive city but only $1200/year tuition fee). 

Comment by Manuel_Allgaier on Is effective altruism growing? An update on the stock of funding vs. people · 2021-08-08T22:07:48.116Z · EA · GW

Agree that this seems neglected. EA Germany (and I personally) are happy to support EA projects that have potential to grow into impactful EA organisations. If you have ideas on how to better do that (within the limited capacity of national group organisers), feel free to get in touch!

(I also agree on the importance of having founders that are value-aligend and have good epistemics, which I think some entrepreneurs are but many others may not be)

Comment by Manuel_Allgaier on The EA events ecosystem: How to get more involved (as a participant) · 2021-05-25T09:56:39.262Z · EA · GW

Thanks for writing this up! 

Cause and career groups like Effective Animal Advocacy or the EA Consulting Network are in my opinion one of the best ways to get involved but they often get overlooked, would they be worth a mention here? 

Comment by Manuel_Allgaier on [Coronavirus] Is it a good idea to meet people indoors if everyone's rapid antigen test came back negative? · 2021-04-13T11:15:07.254Z · EA · GW
  • So meeting someone who tested negative indoors without a mask implies 18%*.02% = 36 microCOVIDs, which is very low.

I'd also be curious to know better estimates to this - have you updated your estimate after these two answers? Or did anyone else update their estimates?

(if you have time to reply, no worries if not)

Comment by Manuel_Allgaier on Where would you look for an EA job applications support group? · 2021-03-17T09:31:24.895Z · EA · GW

Would also recommend asking on the EA Groups Slack. Are you on there yet? The invite link should be somewhere on, but let me know if you can't find it. 

Comment by Manuel_Allgaier on Where would you look for an EA job applications support group? · 2021-03-17T09:29:31.169Z · EA · GW

I think it's worthwhile, and lots of local groups do that already (like EA Berlin). 

Maybe local groups can do most of that as they have the benefit of people being able to meet in person (after corona) and sharing similar culture, job prospects etc, and then everyone who does not have a local group nearby can use EA Anywhere?

Comment by Manuel_Allgaier on Where would you look for an EA job applications support group? · 2021-03-17T09:27:59.868Z · EA · GW

Maybe the existing EA Career Discussion Facebook group would be a good place to start such peer support groups, and then they could create their own facebook groups / Slack / etc?

Comment by Manuel_Allgaier on Where would you look for an EA job applications support group? · 2021-03-17T09:26:53.440Z · EA · GW

Whatsapp does not have a "thread-function", so I'd expect this to get chaotic rather quickly. 

Comment by Manuel_Allgaier on Where would you look for an EA job applications support group? · 2021-03-17T09:25:49.644Z · EA · GW

I think you have better chances of success if you use exisiting suitable platforms instead of setting up new ones. 

EA Anywhere seems the best fit for that, so I'd recommend to check with Marisa (EA Anywhere organiser) whether she thinks their Slack would be a good place for this. 

Comment by Manuel_Allgaier on Where would you look for an EA job applications support group? · 2021-03-17T09:23:54.316Z · EA · GW

Nice initiative! Maybe this already exists somewhere, would recommend asking on the EA Groups Slack (comment if you need an invite)

Comment by Manuel_Allgaier on Where would you look for an EA job applications support group? · 2021-03-17T09:23:03.240Z · EA · GW

I like that kind of platform, but Slack seems more widely used by EAs compared to Discord. If this gets the most votes, I'd consider checking whether people actually prefer discord or instead rather use Slack. 

Comment by Manuel_Allgaier on Where would you look for an EA job applications support group? · 2021-03-17T09:21:27.386Z · EA · GW

Slack (EA Anywhere, EA Global or new Slack)

Comment by Manuel_Allgaier on EA Funds is more flexible than you might think · 2021-03-16T11:20:49.074Z · EA · GW

Thanks for elaborating! Your process seems robustly good, and I appreciate the extra emphasis on diverse viewpoints & experts. 

Comment by Manuel_Allgaier on Why EA groups should not use “Effective Altruism” in their name. · 2021-03-08T16:36:49.166Z · EA · GW

Yes, that might lead to better data, but it also requires more time to set up and a larger sample size. I'd leave it up to whoever does this to decide how much time they want to invest and which method to choose. 

Comment by Manuel_Allgaier on EA Funds is more flexible than you might think · 2021-03-08T16:31:06.862Z · EA · GW

Thanks for elaborating! 

> the optimum for the EA ecosystem might still be to have 3-5 large donors  instead of the status quo of 1-3 funders 

Agree on that. One additional thought that came to mind is that if there are indeed 3-5 large donors but they (unkowningly) rely on the views of the same expert for grants in a certain field (e.g. climate advocacy), then Peter's concerns still apply. 

If you have time to elaborate (no worries if not), then I'd be curious about the minimum number of field experts that are consulted when making EA Funds grant decisions. I understand that this is also costly as it takes time for those experts to understand and evaluate new approaches, so I don't know what the optimum here should be. Maybe ask 2-3 experts for every new project, and in case they disagree, ask 1-2 more experts?

Comment by Manuel_Allgaier on Why EA groups should not use “Effective Altruism” in their name. · 2021-03-06T11:02:03.134Z · EA · GW

I'd guess people's perception depends a lot on the culture, so it might make sense to do surveys just for your university, your city or your country, but not globally.

Such surveys are easy to do via polls in Facebook groups. Just select a group that resembles your target audience (e.g. scholarship networks etc) and do a quick poll on "We're thinking of starting a new organisation. What do you associate with these names?"

Comment by Manuel_Allgaier on EA Funds is more flexible than you might think · 2021-03-06T08:14:12.504Z · EA · GW

Thanks a lot for your efforts in making the EA Funds flexible and as valuable as possible, and also making sure everyone is aware of them, really appreciate it!

I think this could go a long way in realizing innovative ideas and helping people get started with their high impact careers & organisations.

Comment by Manuel_Allgaier on Ecosystems vs Projects in EA Movement Building · 2021-03-03T15:31:22.770Z · EA · GW

Both the call and a channel in the EA groups slack seem valuable, and if you actually get people together for a call you could use that as opportunity to ask whether they'd be interested in such an EA groups slack channel or another platform. 

Do you want to do this? Or someone else here? David Nash? 
(I currently lack time to organise things myself, but I'd probably join if someone else organised it)

Comment by Manuel_Allgaier on Ecosystems vs Projects in EA Movement Building · 2021-02-26T15:42:16.807Z · EA · GW

would be nice to have a dedicated chat some for ecosystem organizer

Do you think the EA group organiser slack could be that? In a sense, we're all organising a groups (whether it's a local group or a cause or career group). If you feel like the existing channels there are insufficient one could add a channel for cause or career groups/ecosystems. 

Comment by Manuel_Allgaier on Ecosystems vs Projects in EA Movement Building · 2021-02-26T15:38:38.640Z · EA · GW

Good thinking! I think I have intuitively been trying to do this for the German EA community, and this post helped me become more clear about it, so thanks for writing it up! 

> Animal welfare

As I understand, Animal Advocacy Careers is trying to support the ecosystem of people working in that field (together with Animal Charity Evaluators and maybe Good Food Institute for alternative protein sources). Where do you see the gap there?

Comment by Manuel_Allgaier on European Master's Programs in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and related fields · 2021-02-23T11:48:38.308Z · EA · GW

This looks like it could be really useful for aspiring AI/ML students, thanks a lot for compiling this! 

Comment by Manuel_Allgaier on Careers Questions Open Thread · 2021-02-10T09:43:56.484Z · EA · GW

Great initiative! 

> If it works well, we could do it each month or so.

Are you planning to do this again? If so, when? I think it would be great if you did. 

If you don't have time, let us know too, then other EA career coaches / mentors could take over (such as CEA community building grantees like me, EA coaches, WANBAM mentors etc.). Maybe those folks would join anyway if you coordinate the date with us beforehand. I do think it would be much  better with your contributions, though. 

Comment by Manuel_Allgaier on The German Effective Altruism Network - recap 2020 · 2021-01-19T11:26:10.462Z · EA · GW

EAGx & (online) events plans (as meerpirat asked)

I'm part of the EAGxBerlin 2020 team (which then turned into EAGxVirtual 2020 due to Corona), and yes, as soon as CEA opens EAGx applications (hopefully soon) we plan to apply again and hope to be able to organise an EAGxBerlin 2021 in June or latest July, if Corona allows. A Corona researcher & doctor I talked to gave it a 50% chance of being possible. 

The  (European) EA Unconference 2020 which I organised with Carolin Basilowski went really well indeed, we had 50 participants who rated it an average 9.4/10 and some said it was "life-changing" for them, so we plan to do that again if Corona allows. Maybe in August 2021, or if it's not possible before EAG London (Oct 2020), then maybe in winter or summer 2022.  

I think both career coaching & research and online events would be great, I'm currently focussed on career coaching and lack capacity to organise more national-level events, but others are planning (inter-)national online events (more tba soon). I'm happy to support anyone who wants to organise more (within my limited capacity), just email me! :)

Comment by Manuel_Allgaier on Seeking part-time contractor for Facebook group support · 2021-01-19T11:09:39.729Z · EA · GW

Agree, would be great to have all active online EA discussion platforms (Facebook, reddit etc.) moderated at least a little bit to make sure as many people as possible have a good experience engaging with EA content (and not just those on the EA forum).