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Maximising paperclips is a misunderstood human value. Some lazy factory owners says, gee wouldn't it be great if I could get an AI to make my paperclips for me? Then builds an AGI and asks it to make paperclips, and it then makes everything into paperclips its utility function being unreflective of its owners true desire to also have a world.

If there is a flaw here it's probably somewhere in thinking that AGI will get built as some sort of intermediate tool and that it will be easy to rub the lamp and ask the genie to do something in easy to misunderstand natural language.

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Nice point.

'I also wish we didn't accidentally make donating to AMF or GiveDirectly so uncool.'

This reminds me of the pattern where we want to do something original, so we don't take the obvious solution.

Tech volunteering: market failure?

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"Making rationality more accessible."

Sounds great, and I've thought about this too. But what does it look like?

  • Seminar series. Probably in the workplace - this would not be so scalable but for me would be highly targeted.
  • Video lectures. Costly, probably get wide reach though. Maybe better done in short form, slick and well marketed.
  • Podcast. IMHO hard to beat Rationally Speaking. However, this content should be more introductory so perhaps more of an audio series than a podcast.

How to assess what the main topics should be though? I feel the pedagogy for rationality is lacking, because for many people who are interested they picked up the basics by osmosis before getting into it in a more organised way. I.e. what is the first thing someone should learn, the second etc. For me, everything revolves around an understanding of probability - but that's a long and somewhat indirect road to walk.