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Great suggestions! Recently, I found it helpful to unsubscribe from the newsletters and put them into my RSS reader with the help of

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Before reading the details I was surprised that 3 out of 5 community favourite posts are about invertebrate welfare. Seems like I'm missing out on something :)

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Idea: the local group organisers might use something like spaced repetition to invite busy community members [say, people who are pursuing a demanding job to increase their career capital] to the social events.

Anki's "Again", "Hard", "Good", "Easy" might map to "1-on-1 over coffee in a few weeks", "Invite to the upcoming event and pay more attention to the person", "Invite person to the social event in 3mo", "Invite person to the event in 6mo or to the EAG".

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EA longitudinal studies

I think the movement might benefit from uncovering predictors of value drift / EA specific causes of mental health issues. It would be interesting to see how ideas propagate from the leaders to the followers.

Also, delegating all the surveys to the central planner might make them more well-thought and might make it easier to integrate the results of different surveys into conclusions.

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80K's All the evidence-based advice we found on how to be successful in any job (link).

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re: cheap resources

Some EAs are working on, a CBT web/mobile app for depression. Also, some friends recommended my, a CBT chat-bot app for depression. These apps are very cheap compared to talking therapy with a trained professional and AFAIK, self-studying CBT is almost as effective as working with a therapist.

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re: How You Can Contribute

Center for Humane Technology is hiring for 5 positions: Managing Director, Head of Humane Design Programs, Manager of Culture & Talent, Head of Policy, Research Intelligence Manager.

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Oliver, Rob, and others thank you for your thoughts.
1. I don't think that experimenting with the variants is an option for EGMO [severe time constraints].
2. For IMO we have more than enough time, and I will incorporate the feedback and considerations into my decision-making.

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Dear Morgan,

In this comment I want to address the following paragraph (related to #2).

If the goal is to encourage Math Olympiad winners to join the Effective Altruism community, why are they being given a book that has little explicitly to do with Effective Altruism? The Life You Can Save, Doing Good Better, and _80,000 Hours_are three books much more relevant to Effective Altruism than Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality. Furthermore, they are much cheaper than the $43 per copy of HPMOR. Even if one is to make the argument that HPMOR is more effective at encouraging Effective Altruism — which I doubt and is substantiated nowhere — one also has to go further and provide evidence that the difference in cost of each copy of HPMOR relative to any of the other books I mentioned is justified. It is quite possible that sending the Math Olympiad winners a link to Peter Singer’s TED Talk, “The why and how of effective altruism”, is more effective than HPMOR in encouraging effective altruism. It is also free!

a. While I agree that the books you've mentioned are more directly related to EA than HPMoR. I think it would not be possible to give them as a prize. I think the fact that the organizers whom we contacted had read HPMoR significantly contributed to the possibility to give anything at all.

b. I share your concern about HPMoR not being EA enough. We hope to mitigate it via leaflet + SPARC/ESPR.

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Dear Morgan,

In this comment I want to address the following paragraph (#3).

I also want to point out that the fact that EA Russia has made oral agreements to give copies of the book before securing funding is deeply unsettling, if I understand the situation correctly. Why are promises being made in advance of having funding secured? This is not how a well-run organization or movement operates. If EA Russia did have funding to buy the books and this grant is displacing that funding, then what will EA Russia spend the original $28,000 on? This information is necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of this grant and should not be absent.

I think that it is a miscommunication on my side.

EA Russia has the oral agreements with [the organizers of math olympiads]...

We contacted organizers of math olympiads and asked them whether they would like to have HPMoRs as a prize (conditioned on us finding a sponsor). We didn't promise anything to them, and they do not expect anything from us. Also, I would like to say that we hadn't approached them as the EAs (as I am mindful of the reputational risks).

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A bit of a tangent to #3. It seems to me that solving AI Alignment requires breakthroughs and the demographic we are targeting is potentially very well equipped to do so

According to “Invisible Geniuses: Could the Knowledge Frontier Advance Faster?” (Agarwal & Gaule 2018), IMO gold medalists are 50x more likely to win a Fields Medal than PhD graduates of US top-10 math programs. (h/t Gwern)

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Hi Matthew,

1. $43/unit is an upper bound. While submitting an application, I was uncertain about the price of on-demand printing. My current best guess is that EGMO book sets will cost $34..40. I expect printing cost for IMO to be lower (economy of scale).

2. HPMOR is quite long (~2007 pages according to Goodreads). Each EGMO book set consists of 4 hardcover books.

3. There is an opportunity to trade-off money for prestige by printing only the first few chapters.

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I was confused by the headline. "Ben Garfinkel: How Sure are we about this AI Stuff?" would make it clear that it is not some kind of official statement from the CEA. Changing an author to EA Global or even to the co-authorship of EA Global and Ben Garfinkel would help as well.

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Done. I think it is a good social norm for the forum.