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Hello, I'm new to this forum, met a bunch of EA folk in London at the EA Global drinks a couple of weeks ago, and have been EA adjacent for a while, so happy to chat and link up on projects of mutual interest. Most of my personal giving is in humanitarian and development, also investing in green tech through crowdfunding platforms.

I'm currently Head of Global Health Communications & Stakeholder Engagement at UK's National Institute for Health & Care Research (NIHR) , previously over 20 years senior leadership in universities, research institutes, international NGOs, charities and funders, mainly in bioscience, health, and international development. Full career history on
I am active in various science communication networks and rationalist/ish groups. I enjoy football and samba. I blog at and I'm currently writing a popular (I hope!) science book on advances in bio-gerontology and the future of humanity. If you want to get a flavour of some of my writing, I just cross-posted a recent blog on

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Dear Holden and all Karnofskyites , 

Thanks for this great post and discussion - I really enjoyed the audio too.

I began to compose a comment here but then it rambled on and on, and dived into various weird rabbit holes, and then I realised I needed to do more reading.

I ended up writing a full-length essay over Easter and have just posted it on my new blog 'Path findings'. I launched this a few weeks ago inspired by reading your post 'Learning by Writing' - and yay it seems that really works!

Anyway, here's the post , fresh off the slab 

Rabbits, robots and resurrection

Riffing with Karnofsky on the value of present and future lives, to celebrate the 50th anniversaries of 'Watership Down', 'Limits to Growth' and the Alcor foundation... 

I'd be thrilled if you could take a few moments to read or at least skim it, and would welcome any and all feedback, however brutal!

Up front I confess not all the arguments are consistent, and the puns are consistently terrible, but I hope it makes some kind of sense. It will appeal particularly to people who like philosophy, ecology and rabbits, and features a lovely illustration Lyndsey Green. 

As a taster, here are some of the section headers (and most of the terrible puns): 

  • Warren peace: a brief history of British rabbits
  • Too many bunnies? Malthus bites back
  • Abundant lives: valuing people now and in future
  • Staying alive: trolling the trolley problems
  • Of bunnies and bugs: who qualifies as people?
  • Back to life, back to reality… being human

You have been warned!

Best regards,