[CANCELLED] Berlin AI Alignment Open Meetup August 2022 2022-08-04T13:34:28.030Z
Berlin AI Safety Open Meetup July 2022 2022-07-22T16:26:04.176Z
Monthly EA Berlin Meetup 2022-06-03T18:21:28.016Z
EA Berlin Meetup (please RSVP) 2022-05-23T16:39:28.276Z
pranomostro's Shortform 2021-10-10T17:18:13.189Z


Comment by Isidor Regenfuß (pranomostro) on pranomostro's Shortform · 2021-10-10T16:45:10.067Z · EA · GW

I just realized I'd deleted the twitter thread with the original response to the Hanson/EA Munich affair a year ago when I deleted my twitter because I was getting addicted to it, here is a link to the archived version that luckily got preserved if anyone wants to update a link in a post. Sorry for that, I hadn't thought of it.

Comment by Isidor Regenfuß (pranomostro) on Avoiding Munich's Mistakes: Advice for CEA and Local Groups · 2021-10-10T16:39:20.120Z · EA · GW

(More for archival purposes than anything else)

this was one of their first events?

This is definitely not the case, the record of events for EA Munich goes back to May 2018, and I'm pretty sure the group got founded in 2015/2016 (although at the time of the decision, only a few of the original founding members were still involved).