Humane insecticides - 4 month update 2019-02-21T23:12:53.020Z
thoughts on buying beef from brazil? 2019-01-10T13:30:07.705Z
quant model for ai safety donations? 2019-01-02T13:44:43.186Z


Comment by rafa_fanboy on After one year of applying for EA jobs: It is really, really hard to get hired by an EA organisation · 2019-02-26T22:10:02.837Z · EA · GW

109 upvotes PogChamp

Comment by rafa_fanboy on Has your "EA worldview" changed over time? How and why? · 2019-02-25T16:11:50.284Z · EA · GW



Comment by rafa_fanboy on EAs and EA Orgs Should Move Cash from Low-Interest to High-Interest Options · 2019-02-23T17:30:43.949Z · EA · GW

ideally you shouldnt be risk-averse with your donations though

Comment by rafa_fanboy on EAs and EA Orgs Should Move Cash from Low-Interest to High-Interest Options · 2019-02-23T16:03:29.888Z · EA · GW

individual eas should be investing in high-risk high-reward for EV too right ?

Comment by rafa_fanboy on Open Thread: What’s The Second-Best Cause? · 2019-02-20T17:12:29.072Z · EA · GW

1st = clean meat/GFI 2nd = diet change/THL

Comment by rafa_fanboy on EA Survey 2018 Series: Geographic Differences in EA · 2019-02-19T00:17:37.754Z · EA · GW

we need more asian eas

Comment by rafa_fanboy on kbog did an oopsie! (new meat eater problem numbers) · 2019-02-15T21:46:38.528Z · EA · GW

do 3rd world countries eat factory farmed meat?

Comment by rafa_fanboy on Reflections on doing good with lump sums - the retired person's dilemma · 2019-02-11T16:00:56.145Z · EA · GW

remember to use giving tuesday

Comment by rafa_fanboy on Open Thread #43 · 2019-02-08T18:07:40.203Z · EA · GW

make a thread and we can try to mass email them

Comment by rafa_fanboy on Are there more papers on dung beetles than human extinction? · 2019-02-06T13:23:54.269Z · EA · GW

that was stolen from bostrom lol

Comment by rafa_fanboy on How to assess employment impact · 2019-02-04T21:18:22.552Z · EA · GW

either way im sure earning to give has a higher impact because 1 it lets you change your mind about the best charity and 2 you dont have to fill a talent gap which is hard to do i think. also water is not an effective cause area

Comment by rafa_fanboy on Sharks probably do feel pain: a reply to Michael Tye and others · 2019-02-04T14:39:24.393Z · EA · GW

whats the % chance you think ?

Comment by rafa_fanboy on What Courses Might Be Most Useful for EAs? · 2019-02-02T13:27:03.288Z · EA · GW

frugal living course, or just look it up

Comment by rafa_fanboy on Will companies meet their animal welfare commitments? · 2019-02-01T15:38:57.021Z · EA · GW

why does it have to be objective ?

Comment by rafa_fanboy on Will companies meet their animal welfare commitments? · 2019-02-01T12:23:17.835Z · EA · GW

question: how do u find ratio of chicken suffering to human ? is it square root # of neurons, so 20:1 ?

Comment by rafa_fanboy on Vocational Career Guide for Effective Altruists · 2019-01-26T13:58:20.044Z · EA · GW

is there a resource for e2g out there that doesnt focus on super hard jobs like ib/consulting? (other than this one) i think accounting is a pretty good career but idk if i could be donating more doing something else

Comment by rafa_fanboy on Announcing an updated drawing protocol for the donor lotteries · 2019-01-25T13:49:37.579Z · EA · GW ?

Comment by rafa_fanboy on A case study for animal-focused local EA movement building: Effective Animal Altruism London · 2019-01-24T01:14:01.350Z · EA · GW

what charities do u recommend, gfi ?

Comment by rafa_fanboy on Should Global Poverty Donors Give Now or Later? An In-Depth Analysis · 2019-01-22T13:52:43.773Z · EA · GW

what about the poor meat eater problem ? all donors should wait for clean meat to arrive before giving to poverty and maybe causing more harm to the animals there

Comment by rafa_fanboy on EA Website Search Optimization · 2019-01-20T16:58:20.937Z · EA · GW

ea in general has no mainstream exposure except that vox series

Comment by rafa_fanboy on How can I internalize my most impactful negative externalities? · 2019-01-17T14:20:01.009Z · EA · GW

you dont need to specifically offset that, just donate to the best charity. you already have a net positive impact by being ea anyway

Comment by rafa_fanboy on [deleted post] 2019-01-16T12:19:49.829Z

this isnt really ea lol

Comment by rafa_fanboy on An integrated model to evaluate the impact of animal products · 2019-01-09T14:04:22.807Z · EA · GW

i think carl shulman estimated chickens have 250k neurons, u could use that

Comment by rafa_fanboy on Latest Research and Updates for December · 2019-01-04T13:39:14.744Z · EA · GW

how many priority research orgs do we need

Comment by rafa_fanboy on quant model for ai safety donations? · 2019-01-03T03:27:32.820Z · EA · GW

whats the charity overhead for something like miri or fhi?

Comment by rafa_fanboy on quant model for ai safety donations? · 2019-01-03T00:25:20.787Z · EA · GW

ok, im not sure if ai researchers get paid that much though

Comment by rafa_fanboy on Beyond Astronomical Waste · 2018-12-27T13:22:20.410Z · EA · GW

nice post

Comment by rafa_fanboy on EA Meta Fund AMA: 20th Dec 2018 · 2018-12-19T18:57:37.929Z · EA · GW

why dont u guys help fhi

Comment by rafa_fanboy on Critique of Superintelligence Part 1 · 2018-12-13T19:51:10.281Z · EA · GW

i thought bostrom was smart xd

Comment by rafa_fanboy on Towards Better EA Career Advice · 2018-11-21T22:38:33.123Z · EA · GW

That's what happens when everyone who runs EA graduated from either an Ivy League school or Oxford

Comment by rafa_fanboy on William MacAskill misrepresents much of the evidence underlying his key arguments in "Doing Good Better" · 2018-11-17T13:14:33.202Z · EA · GW

this is such a dumb post rofl

Comment by rafa_fanboy on Effective Altruism Making Waves · 2018-11-16T01:59:25.530Z · EA · GW

Dont forget the $13.3M grant the FHI got a few weeks ago, I felt like that was huge for EA