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Comment by Rasool on EA Blog Recommendation: Thing of Things, by Ozy Brennan · 2022-07-30T09:10:23.945Z · EA · GW

I think your EA dedicates link should point to:

Comment by Rasool on Recommendations for EA-themed sci-fi and fantasy? · 2022-07-14T08:22:40.992Z · EA · GW

Alexanderwales appears on a few of those lists and posts but he fairly recently did a much more directly EA-focused take on Superman which I highly recommend:

Comment by Rasool on The Inner Ring [Crosspost] · 2022-05-16T08:36:35.328Z · EA · GW

Scott Alexander has a riff on this, in the context of doctors being afraid of prescribing drugs that have strong evidence and have been approved but aren't being prescribed by other doctors.

Comment by Rasool on EA Forum feature suggestion thread · 2022-05-08T09:20:46.540Z · EA · GW

Reading time estimates on older posts.

If I'm not mistaken, posts before a certain date do not have the estimated time in minutes to read the post near the publication date and author's name at the top.

Comment by Rasool on EA Forum feature suggestion thread · 2022-05-08T09:17:04.854Z · EA · GW

A way to report users for deletion.

There are a few spam accounts like this one ( but I see no way of reporting them to the moderators.

Since they aren't posting or commenting the way in which they have an effect is when searching the forum. (You'll just have to take my word for it that I wasn't searching for 'escorts' when I came across that profile...)

Comment by Rasool on EA Forum feature suggestion thread · 2022-05-08T09:13:59.878Z · EA · GW

This exists here (, not sure if that is documented anywhere, I found it elsewhere in this thread as a comment

Comment by Rasool on Should You Have Children Despite Climate Change? · 2022-05-03T19:23:27.919Z · EA · GW

Tyler Cowen believes you should have more children in order to combat climate change...

Comment by Rasool on What would you like to see in an EA merch store? · 2022-04-30T20:55:37.371Z · EA · GW

Face masks

Comment by Rasool on Lizka's Shortform · 2022-04-29T18:03:48.583Z · EA · GW


A similar story exists here:

Comment by Rasool on Consider Changing Your Forum Username to Your Real Name · 2022-04-27T21:42:49.295Z · EA · GW

I also thought this was impossible, so ended up creating a new account with my name as my username. In fact even now I can't see how to do it, I don't see an option in either my profile or account settings?

Comment by Rasool on Apply for EAGxPrague by April 30th! · 2022-04-25T10:00:33.496Z · EA · GW

Amusing typo: "We will have a track on improving both individual and collective epidemics" :)

Comment by Rasool on How to set up a UK organisation (Limited Company version) · 2022-04-22T16:53:40.423Z · EA · GW

Thanks for this guide!

One thing about the UK is that it is very easy to set up a company (almost too easy...)

I had some feedback though:

  • Why did you recommend If mainly for the use of their address, many accountants (including osome) provide this service. Osome (and many other accountants) will also do the company formation (often for free!)
  • I prefer Starling over Tide. Starling is totally free, whereas Tide take £0.20 for every transfer. I like Mettle too, particularly because it gives you FreeAgent for free.
  • I love FreeAgent. Like it will handle 90% of bookkeeping, account reconciliation, and tax forms for you. Very simple interface and good documentation.
  • Step 3 reeks a bit of "draw the rest of the owl". I might have liked a summary of your responsibilities as a director, key accounting dates, VAT, expenses etc. 

If you wanted to write a longer guide with some more detail then I'd be very happy to help out!