Comment by SamLima on An uncomfortable thought experiment for anti-speciesist non-vegans · 2022-04-18T12:54:25.224Z · EA · GW

I agree with this "The key point is that, under an anti-speciesist philosophy, there’s no clear difference between the human factory farming and the animal factory farming."

I don't think this "I couldn’t possibly imagine eating these humans. I have a viscerally disgusted reaction to the idea of doing so." is a good argument. 

I also can't imagine being the one pulling the plug on the 16yo of the article you mentioned, and I'm viscerally repulsed by human blood and most things surgeons interact with. Visceral repulsion is the reason for many people to not eat meat, but I think falls short on being something useful for convincing others. 

I also agree that it might be the case that, actually no, the impact of being vegan yourself could be (depending on how you weigh some moral things) very big. If you were to think the entire lifetime suffering of a hen in a stereotipically bad factory farm is worth 1/100 of a human dying of malaria, it's very possible the suffering you cause by eating one chicken breast every day is extremely sizeable.

Context: I don't buy meat, and subsist on a diet that is 99% plants 1% whey. When I attend events I eat whatever they have. The reasons for my diet choices, currently, are mostly sustainability and cost related