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Comment by Simon27 on Value-aligned non-EA projects · 2022-08-04T20:03:23.329Z · EA · GW

Just found an interesting project (containing lots of EA-relevant thinking):

Feedback to this post might be interesting in two ways (specific & general):

The specific case: Would be interested what you think about that project in particular, after watching the ~30min video. 

The general case: Zooming out on EA-adjacent projects in general, I wonder whether we should consider:

  1. Inviting more yet non-EA people who run EA-aligned projects to EAG(x), i.e. providing them a free ticket + funding to incentivize their participation.
    1. Purpose: Doing that we might be able to reciprocally steelman as well as redteam our projects and therefore allow our EA and other adjacent projects to make up for blindspots much quicker.
  2. Doing more outreach to such projects to gather frequent feedback about how EA is perceived by value-aligned non-EAs, which is comparable to a look in the mirror. That being said, we don't have to integrate the feedback if it seems irrelevant or misplaced.

Looking forward to your comments!

Comment by Simon27 on Do you offset your carbon emissions? · 2022-07-17T10:35:42.334Z · EA · GW

Thanks for opening up a topic that is in my opinion neglected on an individual basis within the EA community. However, I could make wrong assumptions from a few data points that I have.

I made the observation that a lot of EAs are frequent flyers and wonder if the awareness that offsetting can not be taken as an excuse to choose the plane instead of the train, is high enough.

E.g. within mainland Europe train connections are meanwhile quite good and I would do everything by train or bus that is <500km one way. The only problem is that the train often costs more than going by plane and you have to account for ~3h more (also considering the time you spend around the airport). However, personally I have experienced the slow mode of travelling and avoiding the hustle & bustle at the airport as very positive + you have WiFi in the train/bus and can do work. Therefore, I can do work more efficiently staying on the ground.

What are your thoughts on this? Can you provide me another perspective on the situation? Thanks!

Comment by Simon27 on EA Creatives and Communicators Slack · 2022-02-17T09:29:02.553Z · EA · GW

Hey, brilliant idea. I'd love to join the Slack as well. I am an entrepreneur and thinking about trying out to become a content synthesizer and would love to combine this with the most impactful topics. Please add Thank you!

Comment by Simon27 on Coaching: An under-appreciated strategy among effective altruists · 2021-12-08T12:25:57.343Z · EA · GW

Thank you for the great post. I haven't  tried or started coaching actively yet, however can sense through the current leadership position in the startup I co-founded that I gain a lot of motivation and energy by helping other people to solve problems on their own, instead of solving them for them.

I would like to shift more towards active coaching in the next year, pot. starting with some clients within my own company. However, I can see large benefits being connected to a network of other coaches who have slightly different niches and skill sets, as one can do cross-referrals (as stated already, getting first clients can be tedious) - referring a client to another coach who is more able to help that client is probably one of the most transparent, honest and effective things one can do.

These considerations make me think whether there is something like an EA Coaching Slack where all existing coaches can exchange thoughts, refer clients and help others get started?

Comment by Simon27 on What are some 1:1 meetings you'd like to arrange, and how can people find you? · 2020-03-21T18:11:22.270Z · EA · GW

Who are you?

Hi, my name is Simon. I am a physicist, research engineer and data scientist (actually this is rather the transition I went through or am currently undergoing). ATM I am leaving applied photovoltaics research to follow the project of building an app that supports people to purchase more sustainable, socially responsible and healthier products (blog post of our CEO). We are currently validating our idea and assessing the feasibility, so I am always open for new adventures (take a look at the "I'd like to talk about" section).

People can talk to me about:

  • Renewable energies (esp. photovoltaics & nuclear fusion)
  • Nuclear security: I am not an expert in this, but might be able to answer/assess some questions from a technical point of view)
  • Climate Change
  • Sustainability
  • Data Science (Python & R) & Scientific modelling / simulations
  • General physics, research and conceptual engineering questions
  • Productivity & Self-management
  • Hobbies:
    • Music: esp. piano, singing
    • Sports: Body weight exercises, Mountainbiking, Tennis, Yoga
    • Travelling

I'd like to talk about:

  • Global priorities research & futurology (consider to dive into this professionally, so am open for any job offers globally)
  • Using Machine Learning & Data Science to tackle the most pressing problems. Most decision-making processes rely on previous evidence and could benefit from data-driven approaches. If anyvia data-driven approaches, so am open for any job offers globally)
  • AI in general: if you know a specific area where I could have a large impact with my skill set, I am very happy to receive any recommendations
  • Alternative economic systems / System change: Except for unconditional basic income I don't have a lot of knowledge on alternatives that are somewhat likely to work, but really would love to learn more and start to communicate this ideas in my cultural environment.

How to get in touch: s.haberfellner (at) (very happy to communicate on other channels after first contact).

Stay safe! :-)