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Comment by Suvita on Notes: Stubble Burning in India · 2021-02-06T14:02:58.975Z · EA · GW

Our cohort from the N/Core incubator includes a nonprofit called Energy Harvest Trust (, who work to develop solutions for managing paddy straw e.g. producing biofuels to sell to New-Delhi-based businesses. Worth adding to the list of Indian NGOs working on this issue - we're happy to make a connection if useful.

Comment by Suvita on Prioritizing COVID-19 interventions & individual donations · 2020-05-11T14:11:24.277Z · EA · GW

Hi Catherine and Ian,

Thanks for your thoughtful work in this area.

Suvita are currently working with our state government partners on mass messaging (SMS and robocalls) in India to promote transmission-reducing behaviours, based on behavioural science evidence and expertise. We shared some details in our forum post (which links to more info on our website) and would be happy to talk further if you'd like to know more. We have room for funding!