Comment by ula on Update On Six New Charities Incubated By Charity Entrepreneurship · 2020-02-27T12:36:01.077Z · score: 6 (4 votes) · EA · GW

I know I am biased because I work at CE, but I am extremely grateful for all the entrepreneurs and their work so far. I worked in a startup environment, so I know it's not easy to take this enormous responsibility that includes: providing high-quality research, managing contacts with business owners/governments/charities, responsible hiring, communications, operations, tons of traveling, and many many more. I am particularly excited about Fish Welfare Initiative since my biggest wish for fish is that they have their own "Open Wing Alliance". I hope many of you here on the EA forum will support these new charities and share your experience with them.

Comment by ula on AMA: We are Jon and Kathryn. We work with The Life You Can Save. Ask us anything! · 2020-01-27T14:12:37.839Z · score: 7 (3 votes) · EA · GW

Wow, this is a really helpful reply! Thank you very much!

Comment by ula on AMA: Rob Mather, founder and CEO of the Against Malaria Foundation · 2020-01-24T11:45:58.806Z · score: 3 (2 votes) · EA · GW

Do you think it will be possible to create high-impact, EA (complied to GiveWell standards) charities for animals? If yes - what would be the first step to achieve this? (Like what is missing in current animal advocacy that could brought it to this kind of cost-effective rigor?).

Comment by ula on AMA: We are Jon and Kathryn. We work with The Life You Can Save. Ask us anything! · 2020-01-24T11:42:04.466Z · score: 4 (3 votes) · EA · GW

I have heard that TYLCS prepared a great event promoting the book in London (the guest list was small but amazing, the venue as well - so I heard). So I was wondering how much time was spent on preparing the event? How much money did you spend on it (stuff hours + venue/catering costs)? And what are the tips on putting a great guest list (like i.e. you want to funders, influencers, experienced EAs in the same room in the same time - that is super tough). Basically, I would like to know more on promoting via this kind of events. Do you think money wise it's worth it? How do you judge if it was a success or not? And how you did it?

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Probably Joey has already send it but if not:

Comment by ula on Notes on hiring a copyeditor for CEA · 2020-01-14T20:12:45.911Z · score: 3 (2 votes) · EA · GW

This is super useful, we're just about to go through similar process (hiring full-time editor). Thanks for sharing!

Comment by ula on Introducing Animal Advocacy Careers · 2020-01-13T20:33:53.484Z · score: 1 (1 votes) · EA · GW

This is such a nice welcoming! Great that 80K is supporting this project, it is very much needed in the animal space.

Comment by ula on Effective Animal Advocacy Resources · 2019-10-25T12:56:28.231Z · score: 2 (2 votes) · EA · GW

Thanks Saulius, this is very helpful!

Comment by ula on Introducing Fish Welfare Initiative · 2019-10-08T18:41:33.751Z · score: 11 (7 votes) · EA · GW

Congratulations on your launch! I am very glad that an organization focusing on such an important and large-scale problem was created within the framework of effective altruism. Thank you guys and good luck!

Comment by ula on Should you have your own blog? · 2018-11-28T17:56:59.898Z · score: 2 (2 votes) · EA · GW

I agree with part of the comment above. I think moving to EA forum can be very beneficial but it will definitely make us more conscious about posting - so we'll be afraid to publish anything unpolished and rigorously double-checked. Maybe this is good, because we shall publish mostly high-quality stuff but for newbies like myself I think the bar (at least from what I heard) is so high that I'd probably start my own thing on side.

Interestingly, I don't believe re-posting stuff here as link-posts will work well. I can already see the differences in traction with link-posts and standard posts. So I think what one can do is actually to publish more professional things here (things that one really needs to discuss) but leave simpler blogs for Medium/ their own blog.

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I wonder, what were the obstacles that didn't allow you to make cost-effectiveness analysis for ProVeg?: "For ProVeg in particular, we believe that our best estimate of their cost effectiveness is too speculative to feature in our review or include as a significant factor in our evaluation of their effectiveness." Is this supported by a promise that they will measure the cost-effectiveness in the future? And why it was possible to do the evaluation for other stand out charities and not for this particular one? Finally why do you think a cost-effectiveness analysis is not "a significant factor in our evaluation of their effectiveness".