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Comment by vaidehi_agarwalla on Cause Area: Human Rights in North Korea · 2021-04-09T13:37:53.980Z · EA · GW

Sorry! Must have missed that hanging sentence. There is no guarantee of the timescale across when these changes would happen.

Edited :)

Comment by vaidehi_agarwalla on Fighting corruption in aid - embezzling · 2021-04-09T02:19:20.063Z · EA · GW

Hi Marc! This is an interesting topic that I hadn't thought much about, so thanks for posting! I have a few quick comments:

I have lived in a developing country for 6 years, I have reason to believe that embezzling could cut from 10% to 50% of donations received by charitable organizations in humanitarian and development settings. I can't back the statement because the data is really not there, but I am extremely confident about it.

Data on corruption numbers/scale of problem: Through A quick google search (<5 minutes) I found some interesting numbers on this by the Centre for Global Development which sugests the % is much closer to 10% than 50%. One thing that's interesting is they suggest using ‘the percentage of aid that delivers the impact it was designed to' to provide an upper-end figure for corruption  (of course, not all impact is lost due to corruption). But looking at something like this might reveal bigger issues in aid - for example, a charity choosing interventions that are not very effective. 

Additionally, it seems that the topic of corruption in NGOs is a pretty common concern (~5 million results), and there seem to be a number of proposed solutions. It may be useful to first evaluate existing interventions/organisations, and consider the benefits of supporting existing organisations or starting a new one in this space, and the value of focusing on this issues vs others. 

Comment by vaidehi_agarwalla on Cause Area: Human Rights in North Korea · 2021-04-09T01:58:02.146Z · EA · GW

Summary: My uncertainty about this post lies in how much your proposed interventions can contribute to the overall size of the problem, which interventions these are, and how neglected they are.  

  • Comparing the US prison population & NK: While I agree that the overall size of the problem is greater in NK, it does not help us to understand how much of the problem we can address. The US estimate are limited to prison reforms, but the NK estimate includes the losses from the general population's suffering, which is much broader and complicated.
  • Estimates of total GDP lost in NK: Comparing the $ lost from SK to NK is useful insofar as you're trying to estimate the effect of the communist regime on the prospects of NK. However, I don't think this is maybe the right number when thinking about the near-term gains made from "suceeding". Things that would affect your estimate:
    • What time-scale of gains are you looking at? For example, on the timescale of 50 years perhaps it is reasonable that eventually NK will catch up to SK but in the interim the gains would be less.
    • What solutions are you envisioning and what is the end goal?
      • It seems that a fair number of your proposals are to reduce the suffering but not try to make bigger changes to the overall regime. In that case, it seems that the overall GDP gains are going to be much smaller, and each solution may have a natural limiting factor.
        • e.g. Safe escape routes will have a limiting factor at which point authorities may crack down/make it harder to escape, and mass exodus of millions of people doesn't seem plausible without a breakdown of the entire state.
      • Some of your proposals could lead to regime change - e.g. the dissolution of the NK government or opening up of NK (e.g. lowering the price of exports), then the more appropriate reference  class would be to look at the various Eastern bloc/Soviet countries immediately after their independence. Many countries faced several years of economic recession followed by a slow recovery. Additionally, there is no guarantee, even if things go better than the ex-Soviet countries, what  timescale these changes would happen across. 
      • Does this sound right?
  • Neglectedness: Do you have an estimate range for the amount of funding currently in this space and the number of actors (e.g. organisations?).
  • Tractability: It might have been useful to get a little better sense of the track record of these interventions to date to help compare them better. E.g. how many NK's try and how many succeed to take a escape route?
  • Intervention - Capacity building: I think your point about improving coordination in capacity building is really interesting and I enjoyed reading the Attribution of Moloch post! You mention: "Metainterventions aiming at capacity building are said to be highly robust, and once a more coordinated space emerges, it will be easier for organizations to conduct research on further intervention in the open." - I'm curious what the source is for this?
Comment by vaidehi_agarwalla on Meta-EA Needs Models · 2021-04-06T04:28:29.365Z · EA · GW

Terminology comment: Although you refer to Meta EA throughout this post, it seems what you are really talking about is EA community building specifically, as opposed to other Meta EA efforts which could include infrastructure, cross-cutting services to the EA ecosystem, meta research (e.g. global priorities research) etc. Does this sound right, or do you actually also mean other Meta EA activities?

Comment by vaidehi_agarwalla on Nathan_Barnard's Shortform · 2021-04-03T23:20:35.882Z · EA · GW

I agree! I think there's some issue here (don't know if there's a word for it) where maybe some critical mass of effort on foreign powers is focused on china, leaving other countries with a big deficit or something. I'm not sure what the solution here is, perhaps other than to make some kind of "the case for becoming a [country X] specialist" for a bunch of potentially influential countries.

Comment by vaidehi_agarwalla on What drew me to EA: Reflections on EA as relief, growth, and community · 2021-04-01T13:06:28.592Z · EA · GW

It's like a secret identity only EAs will understand :D

Comment by vaidehi_agarwalla on How much does performance differ between people? · 2021-03-27T22:49:20.178Z · EA · GW

On a meta-level and unrelated to the post, I very much appreciated the intro and the picture of the cat :)

Comment by vaidehi_agarwalla on What drew me to EA: Reflections on EA as relief, growth, and community · 2021-03-27T22:42:55.434Z · EA · GW

I am glad it resonated!

Comment by vaidehi_agarwalla on Learnings from scaling the Effective Altruism and Consulting Network/ an EA group for one profession as umbrella for different workplace groups · 2021-03-27T14:20:26.467Z · EA · GW

Question for Jona/the founders of the groups at other consulting firms: What did you do in the first ~3 months when starting out to get the momentum going at your organizations?

And Jona specifically what did you do to actually create the "network"?

Comment by vaidehi_agarwalla on Learnings from scaling the Effective Altruism and Consulting Network/ an EA group for one profession as umbrella for different workplace groups · 2021-03-27T14:12:58.120Z · EA · GW

To make writing newsletters less time consuming you could take interesting or relevant links from the existing EA newsletter and EA London Updates. More newsletters here:

Comment by vaidehi_agarwalla on Open and Welcome Thread: March 2021 · 2021-03-25T10:56:50.095Z · EA · GW

Hey Evelyn, I'll DM you about this to figure it out!

For anyone else having issues please email

Comment by vaidehi_agarwalla on Some quick notes on "effective altruism" · 2021-03-25T03:27:21.432Z · EA · GW

EA organizations that have "effective altruism" in their name or make it a key part of their messaging might want to consider de-emphasizing the EA brand, and instead emphasize the specific ideas and causes more. I personally feel interested in rebranding "EA Funds" (which I run) to some other name partly for these reasons.


This makes a lot of sense to me if there's a cap on donations due to branding, especially for the neartermist funds and if you create a legible LTF fund, then that as well. 

How big of a priority is it for the EA Funds plan to grow the donor base to non-EA donors, and on what time scale?

Comment by vaidehi_agarwalla on EA Funds is more flexible than you might think · 2021-03-15T12:44:04.114Z · EA · GW

Thanks, this was very helpful! 

Comment by vaidehi_agarwalla on EA Funds is more flexible than you might think · 2021-03-13T12:05:33.453Z · EA · GW

I have a clarification question: How do you define coordination in this context? Could you give a few concrete examples of coordination?

Comment by vaidehi_agarwalla on EA Forum feature suggestion thread · 2021-03-11T01:23:21.524Z · EA · GW

That makes sense! 

Comment by vaidehi_agarwalla on EA Forum feature suggestion thread · 2021-03-10T07:16:36.755Z · EA · GW

When adding new posts to a sequence everytime I add a post, my search disappears and I have to type it in again to add the next one. Would be useful to just have the search not disappear. 

Comment by vaidehi_agarwalla on EA Forum feature suggestion thread · 2021-03-10T07:15:47.525Z · EA · GW

Copying Bob Jacob's suggestion here so that people can vote: 

Right now most sequences are still displaying my name, even though I didn’t write them. The mods have thankfully already changed the name for the “moral anti-realism” sequence, but ideally the other sequences should be properly credited too. Maybe the whole sequence should just be handed over to the authors themselves, since they might not like the descriptions and images I have created (I did message them). That way they can also just add new posts to the sequence without having to contact me first.

Perhaps it would be useful to have a "Sequence author" tag or something? I have also created a few sequences I didn't write just to reference the group of posts, but it would be good if the author was somehow credited. 

Comment by vaidehi_agarwalla on Reworking the Tagging System · 2021-03-06T11:02:48.487Z · EA · GW

Regarding sub-tags:

  • It seems reasonable that sub-tags and hierarchies might cause too much confusion
  • However, it might be helpful to make it easier to relate tags together, right now the process is a bit cumbersome. 
  • Suggestion 1 : Instead of sub-tags, it would be helpful to just have a "Related Tags" section where you can search and add a related tag, and have the option to provide a sentence explaining why/how it's related
  • Suggestion 2: Make it easier to link to tags in all forum text (e.g. in comments, posts & tags) by @'ing them or somehow making it easy to link to other tags (and possibly even other users, tags & posts). I think this is probably more useful and would add more value than Suggestion 1. 
  • Has anything like these two suggestions been considered?
Comment by vaidehi_agarwalla on Brainstorm: What questions will the general public find most interesting about charities and causes? · 2021-03-03T04:27:38.544Z · EA · GW

Maybe related is that when we talk about charity we are implicitly talking about aid, but there are also charities that could advocate for policy interventions etc. So something to separate aid from other kinds of charity work could be useful, although I don't know if that's a question so much as a clarification. 

Comment by vaidehi_agarwalla on Why EA groups should not use “Effective Altruism” in their name. · 2021-02-22T02:56:21.027Z · EA · GW

have two comments:

To give an anecdote on this concern: We had an Effective Animal Advocacy group at my college which, after the founding organizer left, was renamed to remove the effective and the focus shifted from more EAA related topics to general animal welfare.

I would be curious if you have any thoughts on the handover process and how you would mitigate this risk?

In general, I do like the idea of having a byline "part of the EA network" for a clearly aligned EA project, group or organisation.

Comment by vaidehi_agarwalla on Why EA groups should not use “Effective Altruism” in their name. · 2021-02-22T02:54:47.196Z · EA · GW

Thanks for this post! I agree with Cristina's comments on the way you've written the post.

Regarding the EA Hub (I'm the Product Manager) what changes would you suggest?

Currently you can register your group with any name and people can filter and find your group. You can add a group type (uni, national/regional etc) and a description so it's clear that your group is an EA group and people know what to expect.

I'm not sure what other changes you are envisioning, but I'd be curious to hear more :)

Comment by vaidehi_agarwalla on Let's Fund Living review: 2020 update · 2021-02-14T23:39:54.570Z · EA · GW

That sounds really interesting - are there any topics on philanthropy and EA you are planning to write you could share at this stage?

Comment by vaidehi_agarwalla on Let's Fund Living review: 2020 update · 2021-02-14T23:38:30.331Z · EA · GW

Thanks for the reply and the link - I missed it when I was looking at the 2019 report. It was really interesting!

Comment by vaidehi_agarwalla on Let's Fund Living review: 2020 update · 2021-02-14T16:59:50.160Z · EA · GW

I have another question, regarding Let's Fund's strategy: although you said you will still be doing fundraising in the near future, you mentioned wanting to move more towards a think tank. 

Does this mean you're considering fading out the fundraising aspect of your work? If so: why do you think this is a better trajectory for Let's Fund? Would the research still be funding-oriented, or more similar to the Randomista article?

If not, is it because of uncertainties around what the best giving opportunities may be? Or something completely different?

Comment by vaidehi_agarwalla on Let's Fund Living review: 2020 update · 2021-02-14T16:52:40.191Z · EA · GW

 I have a few questions on how the fundraising worked:

  • How many total donors did you have for each grantee?
  • What marketing strategies did you engage in?
  • What were the top ways donors found out about the giving opportunities? I know you mentioned the Vox article & Bill Gates' tweet, but I'd be interested to know how much traffic was driven through there, vs other sources
  • Was there anything unintuitive or interesting that you learnt about the crowdfunding market ?
Comment by vaidehi_agarwalla on AMA: We Work in Operations at EA-aligned organizations. Ask Us Anything. · 2021-02-06T05:25:47.988Z · EA · GW

A question from Dominika Krupocin and myself - it would be great to get more than one response if you have different experiences!

  1. Do you have any experience with implementing a new system (project / task management, CRM, other enterprise software). If so: 1.1. What advice would you give to those who are embarking on this process? 1.2. What were the main bottlenecks / difficulties that you came across? 1.3. What would you have done differently?

  2. If you haven't yet but are considering it: 2.1 What is your current approach? 2.2 What are your main challenges or uncertainties?

Comment by vaidehi_agarwalla on AMA: We Work in Operations at EA-aligned organizations. Ask Us Anything. · 2021-02-05T16:06:31.710Z · EA · GW

What work tests/type of application questions have you found most valuable in finding the right candidates/filtering out good fits?

And if you do work trials, how valuable have you found them ?

Comment by vaidehi_agarwalla on Privacy as a Blind Spot: Are There Long Term Harms in Using Facebook, Google, Slack etc.? · 2021-01-20T15:01:43.888Z · EA · GW

I think the use of Facebook vs Google/Slack is somewhat different and there's probably a whole separate case to be made for whether we should be on Facebook or not for non-privacy related reasons. (Since Facebook isn't trying to be secure/private platform), but we still use it anyways.

I started brainstorming and wrote a shortform about it here in case anyone is interested :)

Comment by vaidehi_agarwalla on vaidehi_agarwalla's Shortform · 2021-01-20T14:54:56.650Z · EA · GW

Reasons for/against Facebook & plans to migrate the community out of there

Epistemitc Status: My very rough thoughts. I am confident of the reasons for/against, but the last section is mostly speculation so I won't attempt to clarify my certainty levels

Reasons for moving away from Facebook

  • Facebook promotes bad discussion norms (see Point 4 here)
  • Poor movement knowledge retention
  • Irritating to navigate: It's easy to not be aware that certain groups exist (since there are dozens) and it's annoying to filter through all the other stuff in Facebook to get to them

Reasons against

  • Extremely high switching costs
    • start-up costs (see Neels' comment)
    • harder to pay attention to new platform
    • easier to integrate with existing scoial media
  • Offputting/intimidating to newer members
  • Past attempts haven't taken off (e.g. the EA London Discussion Board, but that was also not promoted super hard)
  • Existing online space (the Forum) is a bit too formal/initimidating

How would we make the switch? In order of increasing speculativeness

  • One subcommunity at a time. It seems like most EA groups are already more active in their spaces other than Facebook, but it would be interesting to see this replicated on the cause area level by understanding what the community members' needs are and seeing if there's a way to have alternatives.
  • Moving certain services found on Facebook to other sites: having a good opportunities board so people go to another place for ea jobs & volunteer opportunities, moving the editing & review group to the forum (?), making it easier for people to reach out to each other (e.g. EA Hub Community directory). Then it may be easier to move whatever is left (e.g. discussions) to a new platform.
  • Encouraging ~100 active community members to not use Facebook for a week as an experiment and track the outcomes
  • Make the Forum less intimidating so people feel more comfortable posting (profile pictures? Heart reacts? Embedded discord server or other chat function? Permanent Walled Garden?)

Things I'll be tracking that might update me towards how possible this is

  • LessWrong's experience with the Walled Garden
  • The EA Hub is improving our Community Directory & introducing some other services in 2021 possibly including 1-1 Matching and an Opportunities Board.
  • Cause area Slacks
    • Effective Environmentalism Slack group (not very active right now, but we haven't done a lot of active efforts to encourage people to use the Slack yet. Might do this later in the year).
    • IIDM & Progress Studies Slack
  • Changes in Forum culture over time
  • If there are any EA groups or subcommunities already moving away from Facebook, please let me know so I can track you :)
Comment by vaidehi_agarwalla on [deleted post] 2021-01-20T07:50:23.317Z

I suggest that the last bullet of the patient altruism tag be removed as there is already the Personal Finance tag which covers the same content. There is also a tag now for the Timing of Philanthropy which seems a more neutral phrase for most for/against discussions.

Perhaps this tag could be more limited to posts discussing the concept patient altruism in particular, (and also broader in that it covers more than altruism)

Comment by vaidehi_agarwalla on Clarifying the core of Effective Altruism · 2021-01-16T06:16:13.563Z · EA · GW

Thanks for writing this! I don't have fully formed thoughts right now, but I have a very small meta request: it would be great if you had subheadings for the 3 domains (EA as social science, EA as hits-based altruism, EA as trajectory change) for easy linking/referencing :)

Comment by vaidehi_agarwalla on CEA update: Q4 2020 · 2021-01-16T03:05:41.824Z · EA · GW

Thanks Aaron this is helpful!

So would the the final version of this would that the wiki is essentially a bunch of tags? So. e.g. the tag for certificates of impact has an article-length description (written by Pablo) ?

I'm a bit confused :)

Comment by vaidehi_agarwalla on Things CEA is not doing · 2021-01-15T16:24:29.168Z · EA · GW

I'm really glad to see this post and the clear list of topics you won't be working on, and the clear guidance/information for other community builders looking to work in this space.

Comment by vaidehi_agarwalla on Propose and vote on potential tags · 2021-01-15T16:22:14.565Z · EA · GW

New issue: How do we deal with name changes ? (E.g. EAF became CLR, .impact became rethink charity)

I think it's nice to have a single tag (the new name) for continuity but sometimes an org had a different focus or projects associated with the old name.

Maybe it's enough to mention in the tag description "previously called X"?

Comment by vaidehi_agarwalla on CEA update: Q4 2020 · 2021-01-15T15:34:56.782Z · EA · GW

Question for the Forum Team on the content from Pablo's work that has been uploaded - is any of this public yet? If yes, could you link to it/some examples of it?

Comment by vaidehi_agarwalla on Suggestions for Online EA Discussion Norms · 2021-01-14T10:09:18.442Z · EA · GW

Thanks Aaron, I'm glad it was helpful :)

Comment by vaidehi_agarwalla on The funnel or the individual: Two approaches to understanding EA engagement · 2021-01-13T06:41:30.027Z · EA · GW

This was a very interesting comment! 

Tangentially related comment:

General model of movement building

I've been working on a model somewhat similar to the aspects you mention, but with a bird's eye view of the movement to try and figure out coordination challenges. It's not finished yet but here's a relevant section:


1. Willingness to coordinate

a. Belief in Goals

b. Belief in the success of actions

c. Sense of belonging to the community

2. A suitable opportunity structure

Together I term 1 & 2 "organisational discipline" within the movement - the conditions necessary for the movement to coordinate and achieve it's goals. 

Mapping your suggestions loosely

"belief in/alignment with EA principles" -> 1a/b

"Action alignment with EA principles"-> 2

"level of engagement/interaction with the EA community," such as "to what extent do they attend events, etc.?" -> Not modelled explicitly because this isn't a community focused model, but probably 1c) may come closest.

"action to support the community"-> not modeled explicitly

Comment by vaidehi_agarwalla on Why EA meta, and the top 3 charity ideas in the space · 2021-01-10T23:49:10.039Z · EA · GW

Hi Nuno, sounded adversarial, that was not my intention.

What I meant to say is we will be speaking with who the other people and organisations working in this space are, and see if there's a good chance that another actor would start a similar charity or do similar work. This may make starting an additional charity in this space less impactful for the whole movement if those resources were used elsewhere.

Comment by vaidehi_agarwalla on Why EA meta, and the top 3 charity ideas in the space · 2021-01-10T11:35:41.194Z · EA · GW

Thanks for that extra context and further resources! We will be doing research on counterfactual replaceability. 

Comment by vaidehi_agarwalla on Why EA meta, and the top 3 charity ideas in the space · 2021-01-10T02:06:08.132Z · EA · GW

Thanks for the link, it's definitely relevant. We'll be compiling a comprehensive list of resources that the org could use to start their research, and posts like this will be part of that resource list.

Comment by vaidehi_agarwalla on Practical ethics given moral uncertainty · 2021-01-07T12:38:08.450Z · EA · GW

A number of links in this article are broken - would it be possible to fix them? Specifically the links from 1. and 2. "in the same ballpark as murder"

Comment by vaidehi_agarwalla on vaidehi_agarwalla's Shortform · 2021-01-07T02:34:01.965Z · EA · GW

EA’s Image Problem by Tom Davidson. 4 years old but the criticisms are still relevant. See also many comments. 

Comment by vaidehi_agarwalla on vaidehi_agarwalla's Shortform · 2021-01-07T02:28:34.333Z · EA · GW

Related posts: 

The Case for the EA Hotel by Halffull. Kind of a summary of the above constraints, explaining how the EA hotel could fill the need for the lack of mobility in the middle (what OP calls a “chasm”), trying to explain the vetting and talent constraints in the EA community. The first part is especially useful for outlining this underlying model.

Which community building projects get funded? By AnonymousEAForumAccount. It raises an important question, but I (Vaidehi) think the analysis misses the important questions. I’ve built off the original spreadsheet with categories here.

Comment by vaidehi_agarwalla on vaidehi_agarwalla's Shortform · 2021-01-07T02:24:37.240Z · EA · GW

Collection of anecdotal evidence of EA career/impact frustrations

After one year of applying for EA jobs: It is really, really hard to get hired by an EA organisation by EA Applicant. Most upvoted post on the forum, sparked a lot of recent discussion on the topic. 8 commenters resonated with OP on the time investment and/or disappointment (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8). There were 194 unique upvotes. 

My mistakes on the path to impact by Denise Melchin. Another highly upvoted post talking about the emphasis on working at EA organisations and direct EA work. There were 161 unique upvotes. Resonated comments (1,2,3,4,5)

Effective Altruism and Meaning in Life by extra_ordinary. A personal account of the talent gaps, and why the OP moved away from this because too much of their self-worth was associated with success in EA-related things. 4 comments in support of the post. Resonated comments (1,2). There were 55 unique upvotes. 

Comment by vaidehi_agarwalla on Why EA meta, and the top 3 charity ideas in the space · 2021-01-06T23:47:42.786Z · EA · GW

Open Phil did some work on researching potential cause areas in their early years, but their primary focus is grant making.

Comment by vaidehi_agarwalla on vaidehi_agarwalla's Shortform · 2021-01-05T15:26:44.637Z · EA · GW

Pricing estimate if we pay for an event conferencing app: Swapcard, recently used by CEA for EAGx events costs approximately USD$7 per user.

Using my previous estimate, the total cost over 10 years would be between USD $168,000-420,000 without any discounting. Discounting 50% for technology becoming cheaper, and charity discounts, we could conservatively say $84,000-$210,000 total cost. 

Not sure what to do with this information, or how to compute the value of this money saved (assuming our benevolent EA ally / app creator gives us access for a heavily discounted price, otherwise the savings are not that important).

Comment by vaidehi_agarwalla on List of EA-related organisations · 2021-01-03T14:02:17.689Z · EA · GW

I'd just like to make a quick clarification for anyone reading this that the list of organisations is in the Hub Resources, which is independently managed from the Hub by the CEA Groups Team/Catherine Low. 

Comment by vaidehi_agarwalla on Improving Institutional Decision-Making: a new working group · 2021-01-02T03:54:33.829Z · EA · GW

This post is very exciting! I'd be really interested to know:

  • How did this working group come about?
  • What was the research process for writing this post?
  • How have you engaged with stakeholders so far?
  • What kind of structures have you considered for this working group (e.g. purely professional, or a mix of staff & volunteers?) and which is the ideal one?
  • How are you planning to manage volunteers?
  • If you haven't achieved your 2021 goals, what do you think would be the most likely reason?
Comment by vaidehi_agarwalla on [deleted post] 2021-01-01T15:32:42.592Z

I think SF, in general, is not representative because a lot more people (non-EAs) are aware of EA,  AI risk etc. 

Also, the EA community in SF is also  different from most other EA communities, including other US EA communities because of the overlap with the SF tech scene and rationality community. 

So although I haven't seen that criticism from non-EAs as much, I think it's a reasonable low-res version that someone in SF might get if they just hear about EA. 

Comment by vaidehi_agarwalla on [deleted post] 2021-01-01T15:25:49.524Z

I'd add "Most" to the beginning of all of those and then I think it's more accurate but still low-res :P