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Comment by wANIEL (Waniel-Dang) on How EA is perceived is crucial to its future trajectory · 2022-07-27T18:36:32.952Z · EA · GW

If AGI timelines are short, maybe it makes sense for the EA movement to just sprint right now

I am quick to agree with the above, but I never realized that GidonKadosh advocated moving slowly as opposed to moving faster. Where does GidonKadosh make a claim about speed itself? My understanding was that the original post was concerned with strategies for and qualities of branding.

Comment by wANIEL (Waniel-Dang) on Emphasizing emotional altruism in effective altruism · 2022-07-11T01:56:07.450Z · EA · GW
  1. I agree with >80% of what's written here and jump for joy knowing that someone else is thinking these thoughts―pushing these thoughts to the fore.
  2. Those who experience the emotions described by Michel might cherish this Longtermism playlist that I've curated through a few hours of experimentation. 
    (I'm not looking for self-advancement here. Rather, it is my hope that this musical inspiration be a "gas pedal" for others as it has been for me over the years)
Comment by wANIEL (Waniel-Dang) on Announcing the Future Fund · 2022-07-05T20:02:27.179Z · EA · GW

[comment no longer useful]

Comment by wANIEL (Waniel-Dang) on Bad Omens in Current Community Building · 2022-05-20T01:04:33.212Z · EA · GW

The groups I floated in were a mix of EAs and non-EAs, but eventually it rubbed off on me. And I’m pretty sure that if I hadn’t encountered EA in university it would have rubbed off a lot sooner.

What does "it rubbed off on me" mean here? I'm puzzling over this passage, and I keep thinking of the common usage in which "an idea rubs off on one" means that one adopts that idea. Do you use "it rubbed off on me" to mean that you lost agreement with "it"? What is "it"?

Comment by wANIEL (Waniel-Dang) on Should we call them something other than retreats? · 2022-05-20T00:54:37.121Z · EA · GW


  • Summit
  • The [Blank] Intensive
    ("Intensive" works as a noun, and the preceding word can be a relevant descriptor)
Comment by wANIEL (Waniel-Dang) on Should we call them something other than retreats? · 2022-05-19T22:45:14.996Z · EA · GW

I have flown "seminar" by many people without religious perception. Do you think that you have this perception because of the Spanish seminario ?

Comment by wANIEL (Waniel-Dang) on Should we call them something other than retreats? · 2022-05-19T22:41:42.886Z · EA · GW

For multiple people who have been brainstorming to replace the word "retreat" for many months, the word "summit" actually grants a particularly desirable culminating spirit.

One common problem reported by organizers is that students are far from being ambitious enough  in their summer, extracurricular, and post-graduation plans. The ubiquity of this observation leads myself and others to want to choose very deliberately exciting and forceful words. "Summit" has remained a good option in my mind and in the minds of a few other student organizers after almost a year of thinking about this issue because it makes the event seem more ambitious―more serious. In turn, this kind of environment makes students take themselves more seriously.

It is important to highlight that a student demographic audience is the dispositive quality in this situation that makes me insist on the above.

Comment by wANIEL (Waniel-Dang) on Free-spending EA might be a big problem for optics and epistemics · 2022-05-19T21:55:31.150Z · EA · GW

This is probably a very important distinction for those reading the above comments for the first time. "Referral" might be a better word so as to distinguish from "reference" letters written by past supervisors.

Comment by wANIEL (Waniel-Dang) on Free-spending EA might be a big problem for optics and epistemics · 2022-05-19T19:31:47.938Z · EA · GW

Agreed. There seems to be what I can best call an intellectual aesthetic that drives about 1/2 instances of "nerding out" that I observe in the [East] Bay Area. The contrast between the Bay Area attitude and the Oxford attitude, the latter of which I guess applies to Ben Todd, has continually surprised me, and this variable of location may be dispositive over whether "nerding out" is evidence of desirable character.